Upload Your Loan Documents Digitally

You can now upload loan documents directly into FinanceIt with the click of a button. This is part of our commitment to helping you finance your customers and close more sales.

While you still have the option to fax in documents, uploading your loan documents will save you a lot of time and hassle while keeping everything nicely organized within your FinanceIt account. As an added bonus, we have optimized our internal processes for digital documents. So if you want the fastest service possible, be sure to submit your documents electronically.

Our new Upload Documents feature is accessible from any loan overview page on the right hand side under “Documents”.


Simply hit the button, upload the correct document and it will be sent directly to our team for review. All documents you have uploaded will be listed in the Documents section.

Stay tuned for other innovations – like electronic signatures – that will continue to help you in avoiding contact with paper.