How To Keep Your Employees Happy


They are your ambassadors, your soldiers in the trenches, on the frontline, and the livelihood of your business. As your company begins to grow, there’s little question that the employees are the most important asset.

Hire the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons

If you’re looking to grow your business, know that bringing new faces into the mix can have a profound effect on your already existing employees. Ensure you’re taking the time to explain the growth strategy, picking the right new hires – in terms of personality, skill, and where they will fit in your company – and, most importantly, that new additions are properly trained before facing a customer or being taken on a job.

Reward good work

Exceptional work should never go unnoticed. When an employee shows that extra bit of effort, going that much further to better the project, they should be commended. What’s more, allotting a small reward fund into your company budget for good work will resonate through the ranks of your company.

Recognize effort, build trust, be present

Make it a priority to have 1-on-1 time with each  employee in your company. A coffee break makes a world of difference in feeling comfortable, inspired, and closer to the pulse of the company. A study from the University of Alberta reported that employees that focused on the meaningfulness of their jobs showed a 60 percent drop in absenteeism, and a 75 percent reduction in turnover [University of Alberta]. Hard to argue with those numbers, and particularly when that extra bit of effort can bring big returns for your business.

Keep employees updated on the big picture

If you want your employees to remain happy, you’re going to have to discuss plans for growth, new hirings, leavings, and work to create a more open forum. This goes back to an earlier point of the importance in building trust and not to mention loyalty, in a company (regardless of size). Psychologists agree that people work best and most dedicated to meet a particular challenge. Defining goals for each employee, and in the context of the bigger picture of the company, can give each task or project – no matter how small – a stronger sense of purpose.

Create some friendly competition

During peak busy season, work can become overwhelming – and even tedious. Initiating a lighthearted competition between your team can keep everyone focused on doing great work…and a prize at the end of it surely won’t hurt. Whether basing a prize off of the number of excellent customer reviews an employee receives, or having everyone work together to complete tasks on time, a bit of friendly competition can make work that much more enjoyable, while getting the job done right.

Let your employees grow within your company

A study in the UK, from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), found that getting along with managers and colleagues, as well as enjoying the fulfillment of a job were tops when looking at employee happiness. However, the number one factor for workers being happy in their jobs was responsibility.

This is the big takeaway. You need to give your employees some breathing room to grow within your company. Give them more than a job, give them an opportunity for growth. They’ll thank you for it.

To allow each and every member of your team know their goals, what they mean to the company, and what your plans for them are within the business (plus, a little reward for good work doesn’t hurt) means you’ve created a partnership much stronger than simply employer-employee. It’s a partnership, and that means everyone is invested in providing quality work for your growing customer base.