How to Promote Financing to Your Customers

In this guide we’ll discuss a few of the common strategies for how and where you can promote financing to your customers.


While some of the strategies detailed below are obvious, the vast majority of businesses are still not taking advantage. We’ve talked to countless merchants who wish they had promoted their financing much sooner. It may seem like something you can put off because the benefit is ambiguous – but the only way to see the changes it can create in your business is to get started. Below we detail just a few of the common strategies you can use within your retail or service business to promote your financing options.

Price Tags

By far the easiest way for you to inform your customers about your financing programs is to put the monthly payments on the price tag. With the monthly payment right there next to the full price, your customer will instantly understand the benefits of financing their purchase.

In a retail situation this is usually the first thing the customer will look at. And for good reason – the price is really important. Monthly payments on most purchases will seem extraordinarily affordable alongside the full price.

As an example, a sofa priced at $1200 would be a mere $59.37 if priced out over 24 months. The effect is even greater if pricing using bi-weekly payments or an even longer amortization period. You can try it out for yourself using our Monthly Payment Calculator.

Point of Sale

Highlighting your financing options at the point of sale may also seem obvious, but it is very often overlooked. If you dedicate counter and wall space to promoting your financing options, you’ll quickly find that customers are grabbing all the information you provide.

Prominently displaying these at the point of sale is especially important for smaller retailers. People are accustomed to seeing and asking for financing from big box retailers. But when it comes to the local mom and pop stores they find it surprising. We’ve even heard stories of people avoiding a smaller retail partner of ours and going to the big box store down the street because they figured they wouldn’t be able to finance the purchase.

While having a branded information sheet would be ideal – you can easily get started with something as simple as a sticker or a tent card by the cash.

Marketing Programs

Marketing programs allow you to create promotions that were traditionally only available to large retail chains with dedicated financing staff. You will be able to significantly punch above your weight in the retail business if you advertise promotions like “0% financing” or “don’t pay for 12 months”. These promotions have significant sway with consumers. As a matter of fact, entire retail empires have been built around this simple concept.

Our platform makes it dead simple to offer this kind of promotion to your customer – so take advantage. Work it into an advertising campaign. Put it on a sign in the window. Create a tent card for your in store display.

Trained Sales Staff

Having salespeople who are properly trained on how to position financing with potential customers can give a significant boost to your sales. While there is no clear cut rule book on how to position financing, there are definitely certain do’s and don’ts when engaging with the customer. An understanding of sales financing is an obvious necessity for members of the sales team; but it is equally important to establish guidelines for things such as timing and brochure materials to present to prospective customers.

It’s important to remember that the customer will often never bring up the topic of financing themselves. Therefore, salespeople should be aware of certain conversational cues that can segway into a discussion on your store’s financing terms. If a prospective customer enquires about the price of an item, or expresses dissatisfaction with the price, these are perfect opportunities to present financing solutions. Having the ability to calculate monthly payments and interest rates on the fly – whether that means bringing them back to the cash or calculating it with a pocket calculator – will entice the customer more than guesswork.

Salespeople should also be educated on the terms of your financing program should the customer have any questions. They should be well versed on the applicable interest rates, borrower fees, and available insurance programs – while consistently drawing the customer back to the topic of the monthly payment.

You also need to be balanced in your approach. Overwhelming your prospective customers with thick information packages full of fine print can be a turn off compared to refined, carefully organized materials. It is important to provide customers with information that is relevant to them. Handouts that highlight the monthly payment and available marketing programs, and allow the customer to easily understand the loan terms are ideal.

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