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Flexible window and door
financing solutions.

Customers rely on you for window and door installations. You can rely on Financeit for consumer financing solutions that help you close more sales, faster. Get started for free.

windows and doors

Long-lasting loan approvals
that fit your schedule.

We offer a six-month loan approval window, so you can book a job in advance and your customer’s loan approval will still be valid as long as the windows and doors are installed within six months.

Six-month approvals.
We provide long-lasting credit decisions on site, so you get quick customer approvals on your mobile device.
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Get paid faster.
Receive the full purchase amount in your bank account as soon as the job is done and your customer signs off.

Financing promotions
to help you upsell.

Give your customers the upgrades they want with our promotional offers, and increase your average ticket size.1

2.99% written in a blue box
Interest Rate Buydowns.
Lower interest rates that work with your customer’s budget.
0% written on a green price tag
No Interest.
0% interest for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
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Deferred Payments.
No payments and no interest for 3, 6 or 12 months.
What you need to know about windows & doors financing - Commonly asked questions
Why should I use Financeit to offer Financing?

Working with a third-party provider such as Financeit has several advantages:

– Focus: Working with a partner like Financeit means – approvals, collections and other work associated with offering point-of-sale financing is off your plate so you can focus on growing your business.

– Security: Working with the right point-of-sale partner can ensure that you get paid quickly for your work upon completion of the job and leave the payment collections to someone else.

– Relationship Handling: When you outsource your point of sale financing, you can better focus your efforts on taking care of your company’s greatest marketing asset – its customers.
For a better understanding visit our blog post on ” How to use point of sale financing to grow your business

What is the maximum approval amount for windows & doors financing?

The maximum amount a customer can be approved for is $100,000 for windows & doors installations.

Can you pay me before I finish the project?

In order to receive payment from Financeit, all documents, including the Letter of Completion, must have been uploaded and signed. After that is completed we’ll transfer the full purchase amount directly to your account.

Why should I offer my customers financing for windows & doors?

Customer financing can be beneficial for the buyer, but there are also many benefits for your business. Here are several benefits to implementing a customer financing program:
– Increased sales
– Larger order size
– Customer loyalty
– Convenience
For more details on all these benefits visit our “In-house Financing, Is It Right For Your Business” article that goes over all of the benefits listed above.

Why should I offer my customer a promotional program?

Promotional programs are a great way to help convert customers who are still on the fence due to price or are just looking for an incentive before making a purchasing decision. Within the windows & doors industry providing tax-included incentives is common practice, which can cost you up to 13%. With Financeit promotional programs you can provide promos for less than 13% which means more money in your pocket.

How does a customer apply for financing?

Customers can apply for financing either on one of your computers or mobile devices or on their own. They just need to provide first and last name, date of birth, address, employment information and gross income.

Close more deals and get paid faster with Financeit. Get started for free.

Our customer satisfaction rating is consistently above 90% for a reason.2


  • Pool and spa

    “From approval to funding, it took less than one day. Financeit understands how to support growing businesses who need simple financing solutions.”

    Michael K.
    Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
  • RV and ATV for Vehicle

    “Financeit is the most straightforward, user-friendly and timely financing provider I have ever dealt with. The portal and the support team are amazing to work with.”

    Chris W.
    Motor Sports World
  • Home Improvement

    “Our clients are impressed by the ability to complete their process online, at home or wherever they choose to do it.”

    Deborah A.
    Thomas Edison Electric
  • HVAC

    “Fast, friendly service. Financeit makes it so easy for our customers to get the financing they need to get the products they want.”

    Kris K.
    Urban Heating and Cooling

1 Fees apply for promotional programs.
2 Consumer satisfaction rating is based on Financeit consumer surveys.