Pools and hot tubs

Pool and hot tub financing
that’s surprisingly affordable.

Show customers how affordable a pool or hot tub can be. We break down hefty price tags into low monthly loan payments, helping you close more sales without relying on discounts.
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Pools and hot tubs

Loan approvals that last
through the busy season.

We offer six-month loan approval windows, so customers can book a pool or spa installation in the winter and their loan approval is still valid when you break ground in the spring.

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Six-month approvals.
We provide long-lasting credit decisions on site, so you get quick customer approvals on your mobile device.
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Get paid faster.
Receive the full purchase amount in your bank account as soon as the installation is complete and your customer signs off.

Turn browsers into buyers
with pool and hot tub financing.

Put an end to sticker shock by advertising low monthly loan payments. Our promotional programs help you upsell so customers get the upgrades they want, and you increase your average ticket size.1

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Interest Rate Buydowns.
Lower interest rates that work with your customer’s budget.
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No Interest.
0% interest for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
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Deferred Payments.
No payments and no interest for 3, 6 or 12 months.
What you need to know about pools & spas financing - Commonly asked questions
What are the benefits to my business for offering pool and hot tub financing through Financeit?

By giving potential customers the option of financing a pool or hot tub you can:

– Increase sales and convert more customers when you make buying a pool or hot tub easier with low monthly payments for people who aren’t able to pay for them outright.

– Optimize your sales by getting customers to purchase higher-end pools and hot tubs with only a slight increase to their payments.

– Give your customer’s the added convenience of another payment option and stay competitive in the pool and hot tub industry.

– Leave the headaches and paperwork of financing to us so you can focus on growing your pool and hot tub business and not on credit checks, payment plans or collecting payments.

– Bring more customers through the door with marketing and advertising campaigns that promote pool and hot tub financing with low payments.

How long does the approval for pool and hot tub financing last?

Approvals last for 6 months which allows you to close more sales in the offseason and book installations when the time, and the weather is right.

What are your pool and hot tub financing promotions?

We offer the following promotional programs to help you sell more pools and hot tubs:

– Interest rate buy-downs that help lower the overall cost for the customer, by you (the merchant,) reducing the interest rate for them.

– 0% interest for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months which allows customers to finance without paying any interest.

– Deferred payments for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months as an incentive for potential buyers who are reluctant to start paying on their pool or hot tub right away.

Note: Program fees apply. Please refer to your rate sheet for the most up-to-date information.

How long does the pool and hot tub financing approval process take?

Once we receive the necessary information, we send back an approval seconds later. From start to finish, pool and hot tub financing can be approved in under five minutes.

What’s the benefit of offering pool and hot tub financing over using a credit card?

When it comes to making large purchases such as a pool or hot tub, offering financing is usually a more attractive option than letting your customer pay with a credit card. This is mainly due to one reason, the interest rate. A typical credit card offers an interest rate of close to 20% which is much more than the typical interest rate Financeit provides. This difference in interest rates can save your customer hundreds in interest.

I usually take a deposit or down payment - how will that work for financing?

When a customer wants to provide a certain lump sum payment, simply subtract that deposit from the total amount requested for financing. Therefore, lowering their monthly payment as less money will be borrowed.

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Our customer satisfaction rating is consistently above 90% for a reason.2


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1 Fees apply for promotional programs.
2 Consumer satisfaction rating is based on Financeit consumer surveys.