Home Improvement boost your sales

Boost your sales

on site
with a payment plan.

Start offering payment plans for projects and purchases up to $60,000. Financeit is the flexible, mobile-friendly way to boost your sales.

Home Improvement boost your sales
Home Improvement offer a quote

Your price tag isn’t $10,000. It’s $109 / month.

Now you can start every sales conversation with a low quote. Get your customers’ attention early and watch your sales grow.

Offer an attractive quote...
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In person with our payment calculator.

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In store with our promotional materials.

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On your website with our digital tools.

Home Improvement promotional programs

When you need to close, flexibility is king.

Your customers have a budget. Now you can choose from a variety of promotional interest rates and offers to match it.

Home Improvement promotional programs
Customer on the fence? Close with
Buy down promotions
An interest rate buy-down.

Forget $10,000. Offer an interest rate to match your customer’s budget.

O% interest
0% interest.

Offer 0% for 12, 18 or 24 months.

Deferred payments
Deferred payments.

Offer no payments, no interest for 3 or 6 months.

Get paid

Get paid, directly to your bank account.

Once your documents have been uploaded and e-signed, we’ll transfer the full purchase amount directly to your account. Unlike a credit card, there are no merchant fees.


A proven track record.

Financeit offers more than just payment plans. Custom, scalable solutions for enterprise businesses, big box retailers, OEMs, and dealer networks are at your fingertips.


We provide payment plans to a variety of businesses. Over 8,000 merchants and $4.4 billion in payment plan applications can’t be wrong.

Pool and spa

“From approval to funding, it took less than one day. Financeit understands how to support growing businesses who need simple financing solutions.”

Michael K.
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
RV and ATV for Vehicle

“Financeit is the most straightforward, user-friendly and timely financing provider I have ever dealt with. The portal and the support team are amazing to work with.”

Chris W.
Motor Sports World
Home Improvement

“Our clients are impressed by the ability to complete their process online, at home or wherever they choose to do it.”

Deborah A.
Thomas Edison Electric

“Fast, friendly service. Financeit makes it so easy for our customers to get the financing they need to get the products they want.”

Kris K.
Urban Heating and Cooling