Serving Montreal homeowners since 1978, S&S Conversions has been providing quality HVAC installations, giving their customers peace of mind when it comes to the comfort of their homes. 

The Challenge

A Financeit partner since 2020, Joshua Saks, President & CEO,and his team have been utilizing financing as means to offer their customers a better way to manage their budget when faced with an unexpected expense. Before Financeit, they struggled their way through convoluted paperwork, pushed through a platform that was clunky and did not align with the quality of service the company expects. Understandably, creating some tension in the buying process for customers, S&S Conversions knew that something needed to change to elevate the way they offer financing and so they changed their financing provider, to Financeit.

The Solution

S&S needed a financial partner offering a user-friendly and efficient product. Josh Saks remarked, “Financeit is incredibly intuitive, and there are no drawbacks to utilizing their financing services.”

Capitalizing on the existing market demand for financing, S&S Conversions began actively presenting  their customers with a range of financing programs. By offering 0% interest rate programs, they have boosted their overall sales volume. Pairing simplicity with a tailored financing programs, has resulted in a 32% increase in funded volume since 2022. 

“0% is easy to advertise. There’s an automatic affinity to it”. – Josh Saks

Marketing this program has S&S fielding an increase in calls asking for more info on the 0% program and how they can take advantage of a low monthly payment with no interest. S&S can offer their customers an equal payments program removing the financial burden of accumulating interest, resulting in a 27% increase in applications since 2022.

“Financing removes the friction point of affordability. You really know how serious the customer is when you remove that pain point.It simplifies the whole experience of selling our services.” stated Josh Saks, Owner and CEO at S&S conversions.

*Source: Financeit BI department. Based on S&S Conversions sales closed from financing from January 1, 2022 to August 30, 2023

Boost your sales by offering your customers financing.