Free Marketing Programs Available Until Spring!


If you haven’t had the opportunity to try one of our marketing programs, now is the time. We want to help boost your sales this year by reducing the cost of our marketing programs across the board by 3.0%.

We will be offering these discounts from January 10 to March 31 for all A, B, and C rate loans.


Please Note:
 This promotion is not available for S Rate loans.

This promotion allows you to sell any of your products or services with 3 months no payments at no cost. With no backdated interest and no early repayment penalties, it’s an amazing offer for your customers  - and a great tool for your sales team.

See our Partner Guide below on how to position Marketing Programs effectively in your business.


Discounted Marketing Programs:

  • Available to all of our approved partners
  • Limited time promotion from January 10 to March 31
  • Offer 3 Months No Payments for Free
  • 3% off all marketing programs

Have a question about our Winter Marketing Promotion? Please contact partners@financeit.ca

Make Applying Even Easier With Financeit Approvals

Email a loan application to your customer, who can then complete the application at their convenience. This simplifies the financing process, and allows customers to privately enter banking and personal details at their leisure when making a financing application for a big-ticket purchase.

approvals- newsletter,blog feature image
Financeit Approvals is a simple three-step process:

  1. Email the customer a unique application from inside our secure application
  2. Customer fills out secure application form with required information for financing (on web or mobile device)
  3. Verify ID and complete loan documentation with the customer (in-store or in-person) to finalize the purchase

You can access this exciting new feature by hovering over the “Create” link on your dashboard, then by clicking “Email Approval Application”.

Download our Partner Guide To Learn About Financing Best Practices

Haven’t had the chance to utilize a Marketing Program? Need a refresher? Now’s your chance.


Covering all the basics – like how to apply for a loan – the guide will help you build out a compelling financing program. Included are topics like how to train your employees on financing, how to set up in store displays that sell financing, and several strategies for how to offer compelling marketing programs.

 Topics include:

  • The basics of how to offer financing
  • Training your staff on Financeit
  • How to get a loan for your customer using the financing platform
  • How to utilize your Marketing Programs
  • An overview of our funding process
  • Merchandising and marketing strategies on how to sell financing in store
  • Point of sale best practices