Career development at Financeit is not just workplace lingo; it’s a commitment we take seriously. We believe in nurturing talent within, and we provide a conducive environment for employees to own their professional growth.

Our comprehensive approach to career development includes regular performance feedback, personalized development plans, educational assistance fund, mentorship programs and access to a wide range of training workshops and resources. We encourage employees to explore various roles, expand their skill set and build ambitious career goals. 

With a culture that promotes innovation and a leadership team that values employee development, your career at Financeit can be as rewarding and fulfilling as you aspire it to be. Your success is our success, and we are committed to helping our employees achieve their professional dreams. To gain more insight into career development and growth opportunities at Financeit, we interviewed Angelica Frano, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Neelab Rashid, AML/ATF & Fraud Agent & Amanda Roach, Manager, Funding Operations.

Angelica Franco, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

What do you believe are the key factors for success in seeking internal promotions or advancement opportunities?

  • Explore Career Paths: Begin by mapping out all the potential career paths available within the organization. This comprehensive overview allows you to analyze and understand the various options at your disposal.
  • Self-Assessment: Perform a critical assessment of the roles you’ve identified and evaluate your own skills, experiences, and interests. Determine where your strengths align with the requirements of these roles to identify the best fit for your career goals.
  • Engage with Current Team: Initiate conversations with team members and managers within the departments or areas you are interested in. Gather insights into the roles and responsibilities, as well as the dynamics of those teams. Establishing these connections can provide valuable information and potentially open doors.
  • Persistence and Goal Setting: If there isn’t an immediate opening in your desired department, remain persistent. Continually communicate your career aspirations to your managers and supervisors. This keeps your goals on their radar and demonstrates your commitment to advancing within the organization.
  • Invest in Self-Development: Proactively invest in your personal and professional development. Undertake relevant courses, workshops, or certifications that align with your career goals. This not only equips you with the necessary skills but also shows your dedication to your chosen path.

By following these steps, you can plan and work toward your desired career progression within Financeit.

Why do you think internal growth is important for companies to leverage?

Promoting from within not only fosters employee growth but also nurtures loyalty to the company. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining and reinforcing the organization’s culture and values. Internal promotions are often more efficient as they typically require less onboarding and training, thus saving valuable time and resources. Moreover, internal candidates possess in-depth industry and company knowledge, making them well-equipped to contribute immediately. This practice also aids in retaining valuable institutional knowledge, mitigating the risk of knowledge loss due to employee turnover.

What do you think is one of the most important career development tools we have at Financeit?

I wouldn’t describe it as merely a tool but it’s our culture. Managers genuinely prioritize their employees’ success and are wholeheartedly committed to assisting them in reaching their objectives. Therefore, it’s crucial for everyone to cultivate strong relationships with their managers and engage in ongoing discussions about personal growth and career development.

Neelab Rashid, AML/ATF & Fraud Support Agent

Can you describe your career goals and how they’ve evolved overtime?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the uncertainty at the time, I decided to apply for a Customer Success role at Financeit, mainly because it offered the flexibility of working fully remotely. Initially, I didn’t anticipate staying in this role for long but my time here has sparked my interest in Risk Management.

One advantage of my role in Customer Success is the close collaboration between the Risk and Operations teams, which allowed me to gain insights into the responsibilities of colleagues in different positions. Recognizing that hiring in the Risk department can be relatively slow, I kept an eye out for open positions. When an opportunity arose, I decided to apply for it.

Although I am relatively new to my current position, my experience in Customer Success has provided me with a strong foundation in product knowledge. Additionally, I am actively working towards obtaining certifications in Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering to further enhance my qualifications in the field.

What is your growth story at Financeit and how has the company helped you get there?

When I joined the company two years ago, I began my journey as a Customer Success Representative. In March, I was fortunate to be promoted to the role of Senior Customer Success Representative. 

Much of my growth and development can be attributed to the guidance and support of my past managers in Customer Success, Kevin Lee and Fred Neri. They have consistently offered me opportunities to acquire new skills and expand my knowledge base. Even before my promotion, learning was a substantial component of my job. I had the privilege of co-developing training plans, leading training for new Customer Service Representatives prior and during the company acquisition, which not only contributed to the team’s success but also allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of my role, fostering a sense of independence in my work.

How do you seek feedback and incorporate it into your professional development? 

In my previous role in Customer Success, I had bi-weekly meetings with my manager where I received valuable feedback on the work contributed. During these sessions, my manager highlighted areas where I could improve, and this feedback was instrumental in driving my professional growth.

Amanda Roach, Manager, Funding Operations

Can you describe your career goals and how they’ve evolved overtime?

 I initially joined the Underwriting team at Financeit but was interested in pursuing an analytical role which aligned with receiving a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics. However, it didn’t take long for me to discover my true passion of working within collaborative team environments, where I could concentrate on honing my management skills. This openness to new opportunities eventually led me down the path of people management. This role has truly allowed everyday to be different, and each day brings a new success story.

What is your growth story at Financeit and how has the company helped you get there?

When I started at Financeit, I was actively engaged in handling a high volume of Customer and Merchant calls, which has significantly contributed to my professional development. As a mid-sized business, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in various tasks and roles. From the Underwriting team, I moved into a role on the Credit Analyst team and eventually assumed the role of a senior/team lead. I then transitioned into my current position as a Funding Operations Manager.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been fortunate to have supportive managers and leaders who recognized my potential, even during moments of self-doubt. They have played a pivotal role in helping me discover my talents. Additionally, Financeit’s ongoing commitment to manager training and coaching has been invaluable.

I’m also focused on career advancement through educational development.  I am currently working towards completing the CCP (Certified Credit Professional) designation through the Credit Institute of Canada. This goal of the program is for graduates to be knowledgeable in all areas of credit management. This includes courses covering credit law, business law and credit risk management, which have given me a more comprehensive view of how credit procedures are implemented. I am thankful for Financeit’s educational assistance fund which has lessened the financial burden of accreditation. 

How do you seek feedback and incorporate it into your professional development? 

When seeking feedback, I greatly value soliciting advice on how to navigate various situations and approach difficult conversations effectively. I am also open to receiving direct feedback from both management and colleagues as it plays a crucial role in my personal and professional growth. Lastly, I like to self-reflect on my approach to situations and work responsibilities to see if there is anything I would like to improve going forward.

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