Meet Maria, Financeit’s Regulatory Compliance Manager! As a vital member to our Legal team, Maria ensures that our products and frameworks meet legal and compliance requirements. If she’s not out in nature with her kids, she’s at home with a book. She is currently reading “The Myth of Normalcy” by Dr. Gabor Mate for all you book-worms. Read more below about what makes Maria such a valued member of our team!

What’s your name, role and how long have you been with Financeit?

My name is Maria Visconti. I’ve been at Financeit for a little over seven months, and I’m the Manager of Regulatory Compliance.

What are your daily responsibilities at Financeit?

I’m responsible for the continued development and management of the compliance and regulatory risks. I actively interact with different departments and control functions. I have a unique role with the business by providing compliance support to ensure that our services and our products comply with our legal and regulatory requirements.

How have you grown professionally while working at Financeit?

Coming from a heavily regulated securities industry where my job was simply to catch non-compliance, it’s such a different change over here. Not only is it a different industry, but the minute I joined Financeit, I could immediately feel that my contributions were encouraged. I’m very challenged as regulations in FinTech are ever-changing and this space is evolving with new products and services. It’s quite rewarding!

What makes you want to come into work everyday?

It sounds cliche and it’s probably overused, but here at Financeit, it’s really the people. It’s going to work with intelligent, drama-free, like-minded people who want the company to do better and who want each other to do better. Financeit is a great place to be.

Can you describe working at Financeit in one word?

If I can describe Financeit in one word, it would be rewarding. I would say it’s rewarding because when I log off for the day, I feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation for my coworkers, the company and the exec team. It’s an atmosphere that fosters a lot of appreciation and empathy. Financeit is just a lovely place to work. I’m so grateful I’m here!

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