Moving teams and departments throughout your career can be a daunting idea. What new skills will you need to learn? What challenges lie ahead? At Financeit, there has been plenty of movement between teams. Today, we’re presenting Nikki’s growth story at Financeit and how she confidently took that next step in her professional career.

My name is Nikki Tingson and I’m one of the Account Managers on the Ontario team, and I’ve been with Financeit for six years.

What was your first role at Financeit?

When I first started at Financeit, I was a Funding Officer and that department is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and assessing documentation related to a loan. So that’s, at the time, invoice, void cheque, loan agreement, completion form and land title checks, et cetera, and I was in that role for about eight months.

What does your current role entail?

I’m one of the Account Managers on the Ontario team. I work with home improvement and retail businesses and my job is to understand some of the pain points and challenges these businesses face. Often it’s, you know, “How do I increase my closing ratio? How do I increase profitability? How do I create these opportunities to upsell?” What I do is teach businesses how to use financing and rather, Financeit, to solve those problems.

How did you transition from your previous role to where you are now?

I had always vocalized to my manager what I wanted my career progression to look like here at Financeit. I did go away on maternity leave around summer 2021. As I was coming back last year in the summer, my manager had told me that they were restructuring my previous position and what it’d be responsible for, but that there was a spot open on the account management side and he said, “You know, you’d be a great fit for it. Why don’t you apply?” And so I did and here I am today!

What resources were available to you that helped you change roles?

I think the best thing that I did for myself  was I talked to some of the other Account Managers on the team to get a better understanding of, you know, what were some of the things that they did on a daily basis. What were some of the challenges they faced, how did their interview process go, what skills or qualities did they have that allowed them to be successful in that job? I think that’s one of my favorite things about Financeit – there’s no red tape when it comes to talking to anyone. You can literally message any employee, manager, VP, etc, schedule some time with them to learn more about what they do and the opportunities to move into that department or role in your organization.

What is your advice to someone who is looking to change roles within their organization?

My advice would be two things. Number one, vocalize what you want your career progression to look like with your manager and have confidence in that. The second would be, again, we have such a great culture here at Financeit so don’t be afraid to talk to individuals outside of your department to learn about other roles and opportunities out there.

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