To our Financeit community,

As we continue to monitor the impact Coronavirus is having on businesses and daily life across Canada, please rest assured that Financeit is operating at full capacity to make sure your needs, and those of your customers, are being met.

The entire Financeit team—from customer service, to operations and technology—is available to make sure we deliver the same service experience you’re used to receiving from us every day. All business functions continue to operate normally and we have the full support of our lenders and shareholders.

We continue to accept new loan applications in all of our verticals, and to responsibly disperse funds to our merchant partners as quickly as possible. Time to funding has not been impacted by recent events.

Please note, to get funded, you will need to complete all of the items on the Financeit Checklist for the application. You can complete the Checklist items in any order but they must be completed.

  1. Confirm the purchase details for the purchase your customer is making
  2. Verify your customer’s identity
  3. Submit any required documents, such as a void personal cheque and the invoice
  4. Ensure a letter of completion is signed and submitted after the project is complete


  • Cash back and rebate programs need to be reduced from the loan value
  • Family members and employees are not eligible for financing

If you or any of your customers have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 1-888-536-3025 or

Thank you for your business,

The Financeit Team