Financeit is proud to be recognized as a finalist for Innovator of the Year with the PwC Vision to Reality (V2R) Awards. Financeit was recognized as the runner-up to the winning Thalmic Labs, specializing in wearable technology.

The team at Financeit was ecstatic about coming really close to winning this year’s award recognizing the Canadian startup that best distributed vision, leadership, financial accomplishment, strategic direction, and innovation.

Michael Garrity, CEO and President of Financeit, commented:

We are honored to be recognized by PwC and the panelists this year, especially given the incredible slate of Canadian companies who made the shortlist. It’s a great time to be an innovator in this country and awards like this are valuable beacons of light on the world-class companies we have in this country.

After a year that saw our team complete a successful $13 MM Series A, establish and launch Financeit to merchants in the United States, and continuing to improve our financing platform and Partner experience in Canada, it’s been a monumental time for the company.

The Vision to Reality Awards program celebrates dynamic, Canadian startups that have demonstrated notable growth and hit impressive benchmarks. The program was established to encourage the top growing companies to step forward as role models and inspire future technology start-ups.

The PwC Vision to Reality Awards ceremony was held on Thursday, November 6th in Toronto.

PwC Vision to Reality Award finalists opening the Toronto Stock Market

From left: Casper Wong, COO; Michael Garrity, CEO and President; Paul Sehr, CTO

Financeit wants to congratulate all of our fellow finalists as well as this year’s winner.

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