As part of the TSX Ignite speaker series, Michael Garrity, Financeit CEO and Co-Founder, joined Mark MacLeod, Freshbooks CFO, on stage to discuss the challenges of building and growing a business in Canada.

Discussing everything from scaling your business, the landscape of potential investors (whether angel investors, VC’s or larger institutional investors), and anecdotes from both Garrity and MacLeod on their experiences on both entrepreneurial and investor sides, the morning event was an engaging start to the TSX Ignite speaker series.

“Small businesses hate to be sold to, but love to be served,” said MacLeod very early into the 25-minute conversation kicking off the day’s events.

With more than 200 attendees present at MaRS Discovery Centre, TSX Ignite is a speaker series put on by the Toronto Stock Exchange and dedicated to the growth and development of Canadian companies.

Events are hosted in multiple cities across Canada all summer to deliver essential information and meaningful discussion for entrepreneurs of small to medium enterprises.

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