Financeit and the Government of British Columbia have extended the CleanBC Better Homes low-interest financing program to enable more B.C. residents to incorporate energy efficient heat pumps into their homes. Thanks to this extension residents of British Columbia will continue to have access to zero interest loans and zero upfront fees to homeowners to support the purchasing of high-efficiency heat pumps.

“Nothing has changed in the minds of B.C. residents when it comes to climate change and how every contribution towards lowering energy consumptions can make a difference,” said Financeit President, Casper Wong. “In an environment where we’ve seen interest rates hit all time highs, all Canadians are becoming increasingly more aware of how they’re managing their budgets effectively. That’s why Financeit and the Province are working collaboratively to implement this valuable program for B.C. residents.

“Our goal is to make homes as energy efficient and affordable as possible,” said Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation. “By partnering with Financeit to administer the CleanBC low-interest financing program we are helping more British Columbians access heat pumps that use less energy and reduce the environmental impact of existing buildings across the province.”

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About CleanBC

CleanBC is the government of British Columbia’s plan to lower climate changing emissions by 40% by 2030. B.C. is a leader in taking strong action to protect and preserve our environment and continues to set ambitious targets and introduce new ideas to address climate change.

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