It takes more than just fantastic ideas, capital, and strong talent to have a thriving business in our current global market; providing top-notch customer service makes companies stand out amongst their competitors. In short, happy and loyal customers help companies capitalize on generating more opportunities and, in turn, grow their business and remain sustainable in this competitive market.

At Financeit, “service” is one of our fundamental values representing who we are as a company, where we’ve come from, and where we’re headed. Our Customer Success Representatives ensure every customer is helped with attention and care at every step. They understand the importance of client relationship management, providing solution-driven support and promptly troubleshooting issues, which has ultimately led to receiving an overall satisfaction score of 92% from our merchants and 94% from our borrowers in 2021. Our product might reel customers in, but our exceptional customer service helps retain valued customers and gain new merchants, thus helping the company grow in revenue and size. 

A considerable part of our thriving customer service comes from our strong company culture focused on serving others. Each department supports and helps one another, eliciting teammates to work together with kindness, compassion and respect. Similarly, the same service value translates into our relationship with our partners and borrowers. As a result, we want our customers to feel supported, and we’re happy to go the extra mile to ensure our service compares to no others. The Customer Success team is close-knit and driven by the values of service, excellence, and trust, and those elements carry over to every interaction with customers every day. 

To gain more insight into Financeit’s Customer Success team, we interviewed Monica Ricardo,  Customer Success Representative and Anthony Sciotto, Bilingual Customer Success Representative.

Interviewee: Monica Ricardo

What does good customer service mean to you?

Excellent customer service means putting your best foot forward to support customers’ inquiries. It’s also making sure you value their time, have a good attitude and provide knowledgeable and resourceful care.

How has Financeit prepared you for your customer service role?

Financeit has supported me since day 1. The training sessions were well executed and very informative when I first started. I completed job shadowing by observing colleagues on day-to-day job duties. This helped me understand how to do my job effectively. Our collaborative and inclusive approach to learning made my training experience so positive. In turn, I’ve been better able to help customers with any issues and feel I have all the resources to do my job effectively.

What are the three most important qualities of customer service?

  1. Quality Service: As a customer success agent, I can spend all day troubleshooting for customers, which means I need to be a product expert. Expansive knowledge of our services is vital to providing quality service. 
  2. Professionalism: Acting professionally while dealing with customer complaints is very important, primarily when representing the company. I follow the company policies and rules, and code of conduct when engaging with merchants and borrowers and always treat others with courtesy and respect. 
  3. Compassion: In a customer service position, you are expected to deal with angry customers from time to time. I always try to listen carefully to their concerns and let the customer feel cared for. This often takes patience and repeating/confirming the issue that needs to be resolved. It’s key to let them vent as well.


What makes Financeit customer support exceptional compared to other companies?

Building and maintaining positive relationships with our customers lies at the heart of what we do. This is a testament to our fantastic culture, which impacts how I approach customer service daily. I work in a collaborative, welcoming and friendly environment, which echoes into the service I provide. We genuinely want to give the best service, and our customers can feel that.

What’s the best way to help a customer who has worked with multiple agents and hasn’t received the help they need?

Luckily, we have a file that shows how many times a customer has called about a specific issue. This helps us stay organized and provides transparent access to information. I usually listen very carefully to what a customer is asking for. If I’m unsure how to deal with the complaint, I will connect with my manager to provide answers as quickly as possible.

Interviewee: Anthony Sciotto

What does good customer service mean to you?

It means providing the most respectful and helpful care possible. I value my customers’ time and try to resolve issues promptly. Also, making sure their needs are met to reflect well on a company. That is how we retain such loyal customers.

How has Financeit prepared you for your customer service role?

During my on-the-job training, I was given informative training videos and resources to review, 

which has helped me succeed in my role. It’s great to work for a company with a comprehensive job preparation plan– this shows how organized Financeit is as a workplace. I felt supported by both the Toronto and Quebec Customer Success teams and was able to lean on them when I had any questions about my role. As a result, I’ve been able to put my best foot forward and provide excellent customer service.

What are the three most important qualities of excellent customer service?

  1. Service: It might seem intuitive but providing excellent service is essential to keep customers happy. Not all calls will be easy and you will need to deficer what their needs are. Our team is approachable and always available to help, which is a great starting point.
  2. Kindness: Having a good attitude is oftentimes better than whatever product you are selling/operating. Approaching conversations with kindness makes the customer feel important and valued. Having a positive nature will help resolve any discrepancies faster, too. 
  3. Patience: Sometimes, when a customer calls, it can be hard to understand the real issue. It’s so important to practice patience while dealing with problems so you can properly address their needs.


What makes Financeit customer support exceptional compared to other companies?

I joined Financeit during COVID, and although I felt isolated at times, I had an incredible team to rely on. Our inclusive and collaborative culture extends into each department. With a positive customer service culture, we feel empowered to put the customer first.

What’s the best way to help a customer who has worked with multiple agents and hasn’t received the help they need?

Generally, we always try to reduce the number of support team members a customer talks to, usually keeping it to a  minimum of one person as the point of contact until the issue is resolved. In other cases, we leave notes on file for other agents to gain an accurate picture of the current issue. The most important step is actively listening to what the client/ customer is saying. They want to be heard and air their grievances. Try to refrain from solving the situation right away until you truly understand the issue at hand. Lastly, always show empathy and apologize for any inconveniences. If you are able to provide a solution, make sure you follow up if need be. 


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