As we enter the empowering month of Pride, we come together as a community to honour and celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals and inspire collective action towards creating a more equitable society.

At Financeit, we firmly believe that embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment are not just core values, but are pillars of our success. We recognize that our strength lies in the unique experiences, perspectives, and talents each of us brings to the table. As we honour Pride, we take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to supporting and uplifting every member of our community. 

Over the years, our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs)  committee and People Success team have collaborated on several initiatives, from panel discussions and educational workshops to community volunteering and employee resource networks, to cultivate an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. A few of our recent activities include:

  • National Day of Truth & Reconciliation guest speaker event
  • Black History Month celebration & social
  • International Women’s Day event where attendees had the opportunity to participate in a “speed networking” exercise & learn about current issues affecting women in the workplace.
  • Affinity Group (LGBTQ+, BIPOC & Women) lead events & initiatives 
  • Employee spotlight videos highlighting our workforce
  • Multiple Lunch & Learn sessions throughout the year to educate the team about the DIBs committee’s goals and activities
  • Non-for-profit partnerships

As an  enthusiastic supporter of equality and inclusivity, Financeit will be proudly marching alongside the LBGTQ+ community in Toronto’s 2023 Pride Parade! 

Pride is not merely a month-long celebration for us at Financeit—it’s an ongoing journey of acceptance, understanding, and love. It’s about creating a safe space where everyone can thrive authentically, bringing their whole selves to work. Together, let’s amplify the voices of our LGBTQ+ community, challenge biases, break down barriers, and build a workplace that reflects the true essence of diversity.

Joanne Longo, Training & Development Manager

The 2023 Pride theme is #herethereeverywhere, what does this mean to you?

I feel like this theme is a reminder to everyone that there are LGBTQIA+ communities everywhere in the world, and that they do not all have the same access, rights, or support in place.  As we celebrate Pride Month, we must also continue to fight for LGBTQIA+ rights here in Canada, and across the globe. There is still so much that needs to be done.   

How is Financeit an advocate for creating an inclusive work environment?

The culture at Financeit is one of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. I feel this every day working at Financeit and I know my coworkers would say the same. We have wonderful Leadership, People Success, and Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging teams at Financeit that continually host events and organise initiatives that advocate for inclusivity. Financeit employees feel like they can be themselves at work.

What is your ask for the FinTech industry to deepen their commitment to more meaningful inclusivity?

I ask the FinTech industry to ensure they are providing employees with safe, diverse, and inclusive work environments (Through hiring, training, company culture, work events, people success initiatives, in everyday life, and beyond).

Atila Meira, Events Manager 

The 2023 Pride theme is #herethereeverywhere, what does this mean to you?

I celebrate 21 years in Canada this year, and having the ability to join the Pride festivities since I moved here has given me a great sense of belonging and how strong our community is here in Toronto & Canada. I love that this year’s theme asks us to look at pride in different locations and not just the big centres like Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver but everywhere else in Canada and other places we can positively impact. 

How is Financeit an advocate for creating an inclusive work environment?

I’ve been at Financeit for three years now, and since my first year, I was invited for a Pride Panel discussion to discuss Pride and other Diversity, equity and inclusivity at work. I’ve always felt the openness to talk about my sexual orientation at Financeit and feel they are open to discussion, to help educate each other and to improve and increase the visibility of minorities at the company.

What is your ask for the FinTech industry/general workplace to deepen their commitment to more meaningful inclusivity?

Fintech and other tech companies impact today’s workplace market and probably have the highest number of  younger LGBTQIA+ individuals. They should come together and promote more inclusivity, supporting organizations/charities and events for the community.


New to Financeit are Affinity Groups, which are voluntary associations formed by individuals who share a common interest, background, or goal. We chatted with a member of one of those groups to learn more about how beneficial Affinity Groups can be for the entire organization.

Sean Newham, Director, Technology

Why are affinity groups important for the organization?

I think it can be quite difficult for a part of an organization made up of different people to fully understand what is needed to support everyone. Affinity groups give extra support to people and executive functions to make clear the needs of marginalized groups.

What does it mean to you to be a part of an affinity group?

For me, it’s mostly about community support and getting to fully relax into yourself. It can be hard sometimes if you live an alternate lifestyle or have made choices that aren’t usual for straight or cis people to really speak unfiltered – you don’t want to make people uncomfortable but you do just want to be able to let go. The group for me provides that.

What can the rest of the organization learn from these groups?

In terms of the wider FinTech community, there’s a lot in the policy space that generally gets overlooked. For example, queer people are more likely to experience difficulty having kids; this can mean needing help with fertility as part of insurance if the local government healthcare doesn’t sponsor it and treating emergencies with found family and pets same as real family and children as those roles may not be fulfilled in traditional ways. At Financeit, people are very flexible, but I know in some organizations the policy is law and is often not written for us.

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