In part two of our three-part series on kicking the habit of paper in the office, we look at some of the apps and online tools that will help ease your transition into a more environmentally conscious, productive, and modern workplace.

Missed part 1? We looked at how to efficiently plan for your move to paperless.

Now that you’ve determined whether a paperless work environment is right for you and your team, let’s look at some of the tools that make a paperless workflow possible. There are many organizational apps to keep your schedule up to date, editing tools, paperless fax, and event coordinating without the need of a clipboard or even physical tickets.

The following 5 apps are a must for every business making the move to landscape:

Evernote – Like your very own personal assistant, Evernote has been praised for its ability to store documents, notes, recipes, photos and whatever else you need. Compatible with almost every computer, tablet, and mobile devices on the market, you can say goodbye to your day planner, post-it notes, and desk clutter.

Eventbrite – A paperless ticketing application that allows for mobile payment options, electronic tickets, digital attendee check-in lists, and which provide your customer with an eReceipt.

HelloFax – For better or worse, faxing is still an integral part of office operations. HelloFax allows you to send and receive faxes entirely without paper by keeping the same fax number and switching the entire process to an email.

HelloSign – No more need to print, sign and scan contracts. HelloFax’s sister product, HelloSign, allows you to sign documents digitally from directly within your browser.

Nitro – Simple yet brilliant, Nitro allows you to edit PDF files as if they were Word documents. This handy tool allows you to create, convert and edit PDFs to your heart’s content.

With digital signatures, paperless fax, cloud computing, and data storage – it seems the days of cluttered desks and mountainous piles of paper are coming to an end. Stay tuned for our final post on how you can digitize your records in an organized and efficient way.

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