Using Financeit has given us the opportunity to scale our business by being able to expand our reach and customer base.


EcoTech Windows and Doors™  have been proudly serving Ontario’s homeowners with energy-efficient window and door installations since 2001. The team prides themselves on providing superior quality and comfort that customers can trust and afford while committing to making the world a more sustainable and energy efficient place.

Prior to Financeit, EcoTech utilized several financing platforms in the market but they lacked the ability to integrate with their systems. This was important to the team as they needed a solution that would allow them to quote customers easily. Ultimately, this affected their ability to close customers which hindered the growth of the business.

We spoke to Mark Ginzburg, Owner of EcoTech Windows and Doors on how the business has experienced exponential growth since partnering with Financeit.

Through Financeit’s advanced technological capabilities, EcoTech were able to seamlessly integrate their own CRM with the Financeit platform. The integration improved the overall efficiency of the business and enabled sales associates to quote quickly and close more sales. This implementation has enabled the team to offer more products and in turn to move into new geographies and reach more customers.

“Using Financeit has given us the opportunity to scale our business by being able to expand our reach and customer base.” – Mark Ginzburg

EcoTech’s utilization of Financeit promotions such as the 12 month deferral has also transformed the way they sell financing to customers. Breaking down these large upfront costs into affordable monthly payments with no payments for a full year has allowed the team to increase the average ticket size by up to $3,000. By pitching financing in every sales conversation, the company has boosted sales by 20% per year through financing which covers 80% of all transactions today.

“Customers don’t want that upfront payment. With the deferral we can give them the product now and they can start paying for it in 12 months time.Mark Ginzburg

“Financeit is great, our account manager is amazing and is always there for us. The promotions and products they offer, incentives for our team to perform and approval rates have made us more successful.”Mark Ginzburg


*Source: EcoTech Windows and Doors sales closed from financing

Boost your sales by offering your customers financing.