Financeit has allowed us to grow and add more legitimacy to our business which has enabled us to reach more customers and close more sales.


Rydel Roofing™ has established a strong reputation for delivering roofing and siding services to both residential and commercial customers from Ontario to Newfoundland for more than a decade. 

Their emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service and utilizing premium-grade materials has resulted in multiple industry awards, highlighting their commitment to excellence. 

A Financeit partner since 2017, they provide roofing, siding, soffit & fascia and eavestrough & gutters services to customers in 14 locations across Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Although the team utilized financing for a portion of their sales requirements, they didn’t see the full potential of its impact on their business. By not understanding and identifying the customer needs within the roofing industry, they faced obstacles in expanding their business and maximizing growth opportunities.

We spoke to Adel Jawhary, Co-Owner & Co-Founder at Rydel Roofing on how they unlocked their business potential through the ongoing support of their Financeit account manager.

Through the guidance and support of the Financeit team, Rydel Roofing modified the view of their quotes to be more financing focused in order to increase their sales and expand their customer base. This strategy alone has resulted in a 93% increase in financing volume in 2023 so far compared to the previous year.

“Our Financeit account managers commitment to providing trainings and support really conveyed the effectiveness of financing to the team which has been a crucial aspect to our success.” – Adel Jawhary

The flexibility and simplicity of the Financeit platform has been another significant factor to the team’s success. The ability to onboard and manage all of their franchise locations across the Financeit platform has enabled them to roll out a consistent financing strategy across the whole business.

“The instant approval, the ease of filling out the information, managing the loan, the funding process and having all locations under the one account has been super convenient.– Adel Jawhary

Rydel Roofings success can also be attributed to their strategic use of one of Financeit’s ‘Buy now, pay later promotions’. This type of promotion lines up perfectly with their average customer profile, giving greater flexibility to those that may not be able to afford roofing costs upfront. On top of this, it has allowed them to secure larger projects which has led to a 45% increase in average ticket size since 2021 as well as a 83% uplift in loan applications in 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

“Customers don’t typically have the financial means to pay upfront, but now we can give them the option to pay for it next year and time to plan for it financially while not retaining the risk of not getting their roof done.” – Adel Jawhary

*Source: Rydel Roofing sales closed from financing

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