The platform is easy to use, gives us a competitive edge and the Financeit team are always on hand to offer amazing support.


Based just outside Toronto, Ontario, The HVAC Service Solutions prides itself in offering a high level of heating and cooling services to homes across Ontario. “Service” is in their name and is the core of their business. The HVAC Service has a team of highly qualified and skilled technicians that simplify complex problems and ensure customers are comfortable in their own home.

In the majority of circumstances, a customer requires The HVAC Service in times of need and emergency due to an unforeseen problem such as a broken furnace. In some instances, the hefty price tag of a full HVAC system does not fit into a customer’s monthly budget if they have not planned or saved to change it. We spoke to Dmitry Polidva, CEO and Founder for The Hvac Service Solutions and his team on how Financeit has alleviated this challenge.

Having access to financing programs has allowed The HVAC Service to provide customers with more flexibility on their budget. With financing, they are now able to break those large transactions into more digestible monthly payments for customers. 

“Since we started using Financeit our sales have grown by 30% and our average ticket also increased, and that is due to the fact that we’re able to train our employees very easily. – Dmitry Polidva

The reliability and transparency of the Financeit platform has also made a huge impact on their sales associates in selling financing to their customers. Having the ability to pull up quotes instantaneously while clearly outlining the required documents and terms helps provide quick approvals while in their customer’s homes. 

“The app is great. It’s four easy steps. It has provided a solution for the homeowner to get easy approval right away. “ – Mike Seman, Sales Advisor

The simplicity of the app allows their sales associates to take their time with the homeowner. They are able to send the application to the customer to fill in themselves in their own time without adding pressure to the financing process.

“Having the app at home is super helpful. being able to pull something up instantaneously and going through that with a homeowner is not only transparent but is super convenient.” – Kristina MacDonald – Sales Advisor

The utilization of Financeit promotions on offer has been another critical tool for the company’s growth story. By leveraging deferral programs that offer customers a ‘’buy now, pay later’’ option, the team is able to push higher ticket items which give them a competitive edge. This strategy has enabled The HVAC Service to grow their average ticket size by over 25% and sales by 30%* contributing significantly to their overall financing volume which represents 40% of all transactions today.

“Financeit promotions give us a competitive advantage on the market, simply because we’re able to offer better rates, better discounts and better options for the customer. – Dmitry Polidva

The Financeit partnership has transformed the way The HVAC Service offers services. This is largely helped by the support the Financeit team offers in the background as well as the user-friendly nature of the Financeit platform as a whole.

“The platform is easy to use, gives us a competitive edge and the Financeit team are always on hand to offer amazing support. “- Dmitry Polidva


Source: All figures provided byThe HVAC Service Solutions Inc.

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