Working with a company that is transparent about fees, approval criteria, funding process, and overall operations has provided a sense of trust and reliability


Walker Climate Care™ is a trusted name in the HVAC industry, providing exceptional heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to the Cornwall community for over 50 years. With a team of highly trained technicians, Walker Climate Care is committed to providing quality customer service, technical expertise and affordable prices.

The Walker team had been accustomed to using financing as a payment option, but they faced a challenge in finding a trustworthy partner who could assist them with the loan process and provide a wider range of financing solutions. As a result, the financing deals became more complex, ultimately impacting the effectiveness of the sales advisors.

We spoke to Tom Rand, Branch Manager at Walker Climate Care on how Financeit has provided them with more trust and reliability on their financing deals.

Walker has expanded its financing options for customers by partnering with Financeit, which has enabled them to provide different types of programs for multiple customer segments including payment and promotional buyers. Additionally, Walker has benefited from the reassurance of having a lending partner that oversees the entire loan process on their behalf which allows them to provide a third of their overall sales through financing.

“Offering deferral plans, personalized rates, and extended credit options to customers who may not qualify as prime borrowers has allowed us to integrate financing into our sales strategy.” – Tom Rand

The Financeit platform’s user-friendly interface has also proven to be a significant advantage for the team, enabling them to efficiently follow up and complete loan transactions. This has resulted in a smoother process and an increase of closed sales for the business.

“It’s a super simple and slick platform. I’m not on the frontline staff and received no training but I needed to update a loan recently and figured it out in a few seconds.– Tom Rand

Smartly leveraging Financeit promotions has been another key factor in their growth story. By using government grants, Walker can entice customers to upgrade to more eco-friendly equipment which they can recoup through the grant. With grant rebates typically taking a few months, promotions such as deferrals can bridge that gap for the customer. This strategy has led to a 30% increase in ticket size.

“The grant has really changed what the average ticket looks like. We see people replacing older equipment with newer products and financing has helped to push this.” – Tom Rand

*Source: Walker Climate Care sales closed from financing

Boost your sales by offering your customers financing.