Most companies today are likely consumed with the same questions: How can we grow, generate more leads and, most importantly, increase sales? Although many areas within your organization will help you prosper and achieve these goals, one aspect stands firm against the rest: an effective sales team.

At Financeit, our Sales team is made up of individuals with unique and complementary talent, skills, and expertise. They play to their strengths and maintain a collaborative mindset when helping one another succeed. Providing high-level support and solving real business challenges for our merchants has been a founding principal at Financeit and has contributed to establishing ourselves as a market leader in the Home Improvement Industry. Moreover, we’ve seen an 88% YOY growth in Q1, primarily due to having reputable, trustworthy, and caring sales professionals.

Over the last year, Financeit’s Sales Department has attended several conferences and events, allowing them to make new connections, expand our network and grow the business in immeasurable ways. The team recently traveled to Orlando and Las Vegas to participate in two HVAC conferences with leading manufacturers, where they met with partners and engaged in networking events.They also participated in the Accelerate Conference, bringing power sports dealers and industry leaders together to focus on business development, key issues, and future planning through workshops and seminars. Connecting face-to-face with like-minded individuals lets our team showcase Financeit’s innovative technology and financing solutions to current and prospective merchants.

Financeit is more than a service provider; ultimately, our Sales team takes a consultative approach to our merchants’ needs. They care about the success and growth of each merchant and stay true to our values of #service and #drive. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with top industry leaders who value our superior technology and benefit from our sales professionals committed to maintaining meaningful and symbiotic relationships.

To gain more insight into Financeit’s Sales Team, we interviewed Tyler Coad, Regional Sales Manager, Ontario and Michelle Warren, Account Manager, Western Canada.

Tyler Coad

Interview questions:

Can you share a little bit about what your job entails and what a typical day for you is like?

I am one of the Regional Sales Managers at Financeit, which means I work with existing partners to develop and maintain strong relationships. I cover the Ontario region and focus on driving sales volume in a defined territory and am responsible for working with existing accounts and hunting for new prospects.

The sales team is responsible for helping our partners succeed; however, that needs to transpire relative to the partner’s needs. We are not only a service provider; we provide strategic value to our partners daily. This can be anything from training to service, to industry insight, to helping them improve upon business practices unrelated to financing. Ultimately, we make recommendations to support their needs and help where it makes sense.

How has Financeit helped you succeed in your role?

On an individual level, Financeit has provided me with a team and environment where it’s safe to learn and develop, supported by the best teammates and leaders we could ask for. As a result, I feel trusted, empowered, and ultimately safe to do what I need to do on a daily basis. As an organization, we have the best people. I can trust that our partners’ needs are being met and that they’re receiving the best product and service.

What aspects of sales most excites you?

In every role I’ve ever had, I’ve always been driven mainly by helping and seeing others succeed. Sales at Financeit is precisely that- it’s the opportunity every day to help our partners grow their business and achieve success. When you help a partner change the trajectory of their business for the positive by solving a problem they didn’t know financing could solve, it’s massively rewarding.

How does Financeit bring value to the customer?

Unlike some others, we’re a strategic partner, not a commodity. Through our superior product, service, people, innovative programs, and consultative relationships, we bring a huge amount of value to businesses. In short, we’re not just a financing provider to our partners, we’re a business partner.

Tell me about a time you didn’t close a deal. What did you learn from that experience?

Recently I was in a situation where a business was comparing us to a competitor. Ultimately, pricing was the only thing that was being considered for their business. As a result, we decided not to match pricing being offered by a competitor, because we, as a company, have value. The learning from that was to, in cases like that, be resolute in our value.

What core values should every salesperson possess?

  1. Integrity – Being trustworthy is a valuable attribute for any sales professional. Striving to have a name in the space you work in is important to your credibility.
  2. Creativity – Prospects don’t have the time to sit down with unoriginal sales reps but make room for those who can redefine problems and provide actionable solutions. When you bring creativity to your work, you are invaluable.
  3. Relating to People – You have to find mutual understanding with prospects and relate to them on a human level to make a difference.


Michelle Warren

Interview questions:

Can you share a little bit about what your job entails and what a typical day for you is like?

I work as an Account Manager in Western Canada, primarily with accounts in British Columbia, but I have a diverse portfolio that extends to Manitoba. My job is to support my network of merchants with financing options, which helps them close more deals.

My day typically starts with a warm coffee and a walk around my neighbourhood. I work 100% remotely, so creating a working routine that recognizes my daily needs is essential.

Once I get back, I review the Sales report sent every morning and answer any critical emails. I also check internal reports that help me track my portfolios in terms of sales growth and volume. I leverage these reports every few days and use them as a basis to reach out to merchants. I typically have meetings scheduled with clients to review upcoming promotions with our OEMs, sales strategies and platform training. For me, business is done better in person, so I hope to get on the road to visit merchants once a week!

Why do you think it’s important for more women to join the sales industry?

Women bring different skill sets to the sales industry, including emphasizing connection, shaping solutions, and collaborating. By utilizing both women’s and men’s attributes, you can make products and services more marketable and a business more profitable. Although stereotypes can be a real barrier for women to join Sales, it doesn’t have to be. When you understand your worth as a Salesperson, you will notice that being a woman in this industry is an asset.

At financeit, the Sales Department has made me feel that I’ve deserved a seat at every table and my value extends beyond my gender. Since joining the team, sales leadership has helped me grow and nurtured my confidence. It has been the most open and welcoming environment I’ve worked in.

How has Financeit helped you succeed in your role?

I mean, how haven’t they? Financeit gives me access to growth in immeasurable ways and also tools to support my learning. For example, when I started with the company, I was given a buddy, which was such a positive experience for me. The buddy system helped me build an immediate personal connection between the organization and a reliable point of contact for any questions I had. There is also a plethora of learning opportunities, such as lunch & learns, watch & discuss panels and product demos that gave me unprecedented insight into company logistics.

Not to mention my Manager, Sean Murray, who has been a wonderful and kind leader. He provides great assistance and even supports me during appointments with merchants.

How does Financeit bring value to the customer?

On the merchant side, we give our partners another tool for their sales tool, which is often a flexible way for customers to pay. Our service closes deals faster and provides a broader customer base for our merchants. We also offer a competitive edge over their competition through promotional and free payment programs. Beyond the platform itself, Financeit provides our partners with incredible service, thoughtful strategies to help their business grow, and in-depth training. We take the time to meet our partners’ needs.

For borrowers, we bring endless value and flexible payment options, allowing them to receive the service/product they need immediately.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with a merchant who told me about a customer that was going through a separation and feeling the financial burden of it. She wouldn’t have been able to purchase the service without Financeit’s help. Stories like this make my job so rewarding.

What core values should every salesperson possess?

  1. Empathy – You must put yourself in your clients’ shoes and understand their perspectives. Closing a deal should be mutually beneficial; there is no sense in being in sales if you want a win-lose relationship. Empathy is an attribute of mine that has benefited me a lot.
  2. Trust –  You can’t build relationships without trust. You will earn more respect by speaking truthfully and acting as a trusted business partner. Merchants are generally happier and easier to work with when you’ve built a trusting relationship.
  3. Reliability – It’s essential to provide consistent availability and support to your merchants, which helps you build and maintain customer relationships.

Boost your sales by offering your customers financing.