Gmail is a fantastic email tool and many modern offices rely on it for everyday productivity.

On top of being an excellent email service, Gmail is highly adaptable with plug-ins that will allow you to take your organization, sales team, and overall management of your business to the next level.

Here are 4 Gmail plugins to help manage your day-to-day routine:


Boomerang Gmail Plugin Screenshot


To better manage the chaos of your inbox, Boomerang allows you to schedule email responses, take messages out of your inbox until you actually need them, and remind you that a response is still pending if you don’t hear back from an important email.

Boomerang can help you:

  • Make sure you follow up with a sales lead
  • Communicate with people in different time zones
  • Hide travel confirmation emails and only show them on the day of your trip, when it’s relevant

Streak CRM

Streak CRM Gmail Plugin Screenshot


Stay in sync with the rest of your sales team. Streak lets users share contacts and track deals right from their inbox. The app is completely free, has a native iOS app for updates on the go, and is completely compatible with Gmail (able to use across multiple accounts simultaneously, including personal, business, and others).
Streak also has premium versions that includes more features.

Streak can help you:

  • Group emails from the same customer into one view
  • Use the spreadsheet view to edit deals and create reports
  • Split conversations into separate email threads when topics start to branch
  • Share selective parts of your inbox to share with your sales team or across the company
  • Track emails to see who is reading them


HelloSign Gmail Plugin Screenshot


Offering a completely paperless approach to document signing, tracking, and management, is an amazing tool for anyone who manages contracts via email. What’s more, it will keep you updated on the signer’s activity, and an audit feature logs it all. This is a must for any business that shares signed documents or contracts of any kind – plus, your documents are securely stored and easily accessible from the cloud.

HelloSign is:

  • Secure and trustworthy – electronic signatures are legally binding
  • Documents move seamlessly from party to party to sign and can be shared with internal departments
  • Sign documents right from Gmail. Also syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, and Evernote
  • Commonly used documents can be saved and reused
  • Free and unlimited use
  • Sign and send documents from your mobile device, the HelloSign web interface, or directly from your Gmail

Sales Navigator for Gmail

Sales Navigator Gmail Plugin Screenshot


Sales Navigator for Gmail takes your inbox contact details to another level. It allows you to immediately gain insight about your contacts, right from your inbox. The plug-in is relationship management built into your email – and completely free. Sales Navigator for Gmail allows sales teams to really hone in and build rapport (*wink*) with their buyers, potential customers, and related business contacts.

Sales Navigator for Gmail can help you:

  • See rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in your Gmail, and use that knowledge when you reach out next
  • Mention icebreakers, including shared connections, experiences, and interests, to build rapport with your contacts
  • Hover over any email address anywhere in your message to quickly view their profile to stay informed on who’s who

If you liked these tools, check out Gmail Labs for additional tools that could fit your company’s needs.

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