Financeit’s COO and Co-Founder, Casper Wong, was invited as a guest speaker at Pipecon, a sold-out B2B marketing and sales conference where industry professionals gathered to learn about innovative methods for building a better pipeline for their companies. Casper presented how Financeit – alongside their marketing agency Brainrider – ran a successful acquisition campaign using digital media.

As a mashup of marketing automation, CRM, content marketing, lead generation, and sales enablement, Pipecon is an event to discuss the tools, processes, people, as well as the successes and failures that are essential in leading a successful marketing strategy.

Sharing the stage with Scott Armstrong, Partner at Brainrider, a Toronto-based agency specializing in B2B Marketing, Casper and Scott offered a number of key concepts to consider when planning and executing a successful acquisition campaign based on their learnings.

  • Ensure your company is ready to run a campaign (confidence in product/service, team bandwidth, and an in-depth understanding of your customers)
  • Set clear measurable objectives for the campaign
  • Build out a test and learn model
  • Make sure you are measuring the right things: Set up the right conversion signals
  • Utilize the proper tools (Google Analytics is an excellent place to start – and free to use!)
  • Track and report as much as you can – ensure you’re firing off the right signals to audiences

Utilizing these philosophies, Financeit and Brainrider identified areas that were ripe for optimization and growth. Adopting a fulsome environment for testing and ensuring tracking was paramount to success, leading to a campaign that proved highly beneficial for bringing new businesses to the Financeit network.

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