Not everyone is comfortable disclosing their personal information during a financing application. With Financeit Approvals you no longer have to worry about asking those awkward, sometimes very personal, questions to customers looking for financing.

Financeit Approvals allows merchants to simply email a loan application to customers, who can then complete the application at their convenience. This simplifies the financing process and allows customers to privately enter banking and personal details at their leisure when making a financing application for a big-ticket purchase.

Financeit Approvals is a simple three-step process:

  1. Email the customer a unique application from inside our secure application.
  2. The customer fills out a secure application form with the required information for financing (on web or mobile device).
  3. Verify ID and complete loan documentation with the customer (in-store or in-person) to finalize the purchase.

Customers can even complete the loan application from their mobile device without ever having to leave the store. Your Financeit Approvals application can also be embedded in your website or distributed via social media, allowing customers visiting your site to complete an application on their own. Your unique link is displayed on the same page that allows you to email customers.

You can access this exciting new feature by hovering over the “Create” link on your dashboard, then by clicking the “Email Approval Application”. The first time you do this, you will be taken to your “Approval Settings” screen in order to configure the details for your application form. 

You will then be directed to a page allowing you to distribute your application form.

Close more sales and get paid faster with financing. Sign up for Financeit for free or call us to learn more: 1-888-536-3025.